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Milk Break

Oct 24, 2019


That's right Ghosts and Ghouls, it is time for our annual Halloween episode for the spooky season and this time around the Milk Break Podcast does some ghost hunting!!!

Learn about the mysterious, unsolved murder of Mary K. Schlais and the local lore around her death. Also, learn about the "Green Bay Butcher" (still trying to make that name stick...) aka Randall Woodfield!


Then go on scene with the crew as they discover the WEIRD and CREEPY while they go ghost hunting! 


It's a perfect episode to listen to by candlelight at the witching hour! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Here are some links referenced in the podcast!

The Green Bay Butcher aka I-5 Killer: The Mystery of Mary K. Schlais


Pictures from Ghost Hunting:

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